Impacts of Email Verification

Email marketing has become a very important option among digital marketing strategies in the recent period.


Impacts of Email Verification

Email marketing has become a very important option among digital marketing strategies in the recent period. For this reason, e-mail verification stands out as one of the options that will take success one step further when determining e-mail marketing strategies. Wouldn't you like to benefit from e-mail verification services in order to achieve higher performance and a great effect in a shorter time? Then start evaluating what opportunities will be waiting for you thanks to e-mail verification!

Keep Your Email List Clean

According to research conducted on e-mail addresses, approximately 35% of e-mail addresses are out of use every year. For this reason, 4 out of every 10 people you want to send an e-mail to do not receive your message. Although the problems experienced due to job changes and security risks are important factors in this regard, e-mail marketing is negatively affected as a result of the change in e-mail addresses. In other words, 375 of the 1000 people who sent the e-mail within the scope of e-mail marketing cannot be reached.

Thanks to e-mail verification services, it is possible to eliminate the losses experienced during e-mail marketing and keep e-mail lists up to date. Eliminate all the negativity by applying to this wonderful service!

Reduce Hard Bounces

Hard bounces are a situation in which e-mail cannot be delivered to de receiver. Because the receiver is no longer using that email. This happens mostly as a result of job changes. Whatever the reason is hard bounces affect your email marketing strategy negatively. To prevent this, you need to use e-mail verification services at regular intervals. In this way, while the hard bounce rate decreases, it will also be possible for your e-mail marketing strategy to achieve success.

Improve Deliverability

Invalid e-mails led to a negative impact on your e-mail marketing strategy. Besides, it also causes a significant part of the budget you have allocated for e-mail marketing to be wasted. Because most of the e-mails you send do not reach the recipients. In order to prevent this situation and use a more successful strategy, what you need to do is to benefit from e-mail verification services. In this way, you can achieve a more successful process. Especially, e-mail marketing strategies should adopt this approach for a hassle-free experience.

Mailbite provides you with professional support during the e-mail verification process. It is possible to verify e-mail addresses and to achieve the success of the e-mail marketing service. If you have experienced failure in the e-mail marketing processes you have performed before, e-mail verification is the only thing you need!

Mailbite performs e-mail verification processes thanks to service alternatives suitable for your needs. Moreover, when you want to get a professional service, you can get other solutions that suit you. With Mailbite, e-mail verification is very easy!